FSSC 22000 certified

VinBag is an FSSC 22000-certified company specializing in high quality Bag-in-Box packaging. We manufacture the most cost-effective, product protective and environmentally-friendly solutions for liquid packaging.

About Us


We are a South African FSSC 22000 certified Bag-in-Box specialist with global reach.

Because we are only about Bag-in-Box, we give 100% of our focus and resources to developing highest quality products, made from the most technologically advanced materials available.


Who we are

VinBag is a next generation liquid packaging company with global reach, specializing in Bag-in-Box solutions.

It’s no accident that VinBag is situated at the tip of Africa in beautiful, fertile Cape Town, South Africa. Our location – an agricultural wonderland that is home to wine, juice and other liquid industries — has inspired and shaped the development of our company. Our products are developed to meet the specialized packaging needs of South African domestic and export products, as well as those demanded by international markets.

We manufacture the highest quality Bag-in-Box products using cutting edge bag-making technology and the most technologically advanced raw materials available. Our products are solution-specific, and cater to all liquid packaging needs:  from wine, fruit juice and pulp, to egg, dairy, edible oil and others.

Owner-run and managed, VinBag was started in 2010. Its founders, with a collective experience of over 80 years in packaging, built a facility for liquid packaging solutions from the ground up. The speciality bags produced by VinBag facilitate improved shelf life and lower the cost of packaging, yet carry a lower carbon footprint than traditional rigid packaging.

In developing our Bag-in-Box products, we carefully considered the needs of our customers – who package and ship highly perishable goods across South Africa, the African continent and overseas – and came up with a product line that is highly reliable and can be customized to meet specific needs. With our unique approach to manufacturing, we can provide unique solutions for our customers.

With our global raw material suppliers, we have struck up a partnership in which we utilize the latest and best raw materials and laminates, and keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments in packaging materials. We have a close developmental relationship with our internationally recognized fitment supplier, Conro Precision, as well as our laminate suppliers, whose products we closely evaluate and co-develop.

All production is done at VinBag’s state-of-the-art factory, which features cutting edge machinery and a dedicated quality control lab: ensuring that our products meet the highest standards when they leave our premises. We take pride in our < ,0002% return rate.

VinBag products are proudly made in South Africa. As a company, we are succeeding in offering exceptional products and service, while remaining committed to a key tenet of our mission statement: to uplift our local previously disadvantaged community. Upliftment impacts all our decisions and makes us a forward-thinking company for the New South Africa.

Benefits of Bag-in-Box

Bag-in-box solutions are the most cost-effective form of packaging for liquid (and even some dry powder applications).
With its lower carbon footprint, bag-in-box is the best and most forward-looking substitute for rigid packaging solutions.


Many factors make Bag-in-Box solutions so cost effective: lower packaging cost, better space utilization and reduced storage requirements before filling, less labour and handling required for storage and transport, no-precleaning required and a low set up cost for filling plant in relation to other packaging systems are just a few. Bag-in-Box is very logistics friendly, which results in a very low environmental footprint.


The highest degree of hygiene is maintained in the bag, from its point of manufacture to the consumption of the contents of the bag, as the fitment is only removed during the filling cycle (and replaced immediately after). The materials and the collapsible nature of the bag, which prevent external contamination and exposure of your product to oxygen, contribute to product integrity and extended shelf life, which in the case of wine, can be retained for up to 6 weeks after opening.


The outer carton can be full colour printed for unique branding, to enhance point of sales display. The shape of the surrounding outer carton offers maximum space for on-shelf display and makes it easy to pack and stack in a retail environment. It is also easy for the consumer to carry, store and pour and can be stored at any angle.


With less material used per unit and more products shipped per pallet -- 6000 X 20 lt. bags per pallet vs 180 X 20 lt. buckets per pallet – Bag-in-Box has a lower carbon footprint. Once the bag is used, part of it can be recycled and the balance can be incinerated.

What We Do



VinBag provides the perfect safe liquid packaging solution to suit your needs. Our Bag-in-Box products are used to package a wide variety of liquids from sauces, edible oil, wine, fruit juice and liquid egg products to printing inks and chemicals, to name a few. Our bags are available in 2 lt., 3 lt., 5 lt., 10 lt., 20 lt., 25 lt. and custom sizes.


As a certified FSSC 22000 company, we vet and monitor all our suppliers for food safety compliance and supply chain accountability. Our FSSC 22000 compliance means that you can be confident in the knowledge that all your products have total traceability all the way up the supply chain. As a result, all our procedures, checks and balances meet the highest international standards, helping us achieve a <0,0002% return rate.


All VinBag bags are made from the highest food grade laminated materials. The various laminations depend on specifically filled product requirements, such as EVOH, but we mainly use metalized polyester (70 microns), metalized polyester laminated to nylon (70 microns), clear high barrier material with or without nylon (60-80 microns) and clear polyester laminated to polyethylene (pet-poly; 52 microns). All our nylon laminates utilize bi-axially orientated nylon for added strength. Most bags have a 50-micron polyethylene inner liner.

All our material suppliers supply us with certificates of analysis for all our raw materials, to ensure they meet their material data sheet parameters, i.e. oxygen transmission rates, flex crack, etc. All our products are shipped with certificates of analysis, anywhere in the world.

Various product contents require different barrier films in the making of the bag. Wine products require the lowest oxygen transmission rates, less than 1 cc per 24-hour period. Edible oil does not require such low oxygen transmission rates but does require the strength of nylon. Whatever your needs, our team of experts will come up with a cost-effective solution specifically for your product.


All our fitments are purchased from internationally recognized fitment manufacturers, including Conro Precision, with which we have a close developmental relationship. The fitment is dictated by the type of product to be filled, the method of filling and the final dispensing method required.


We use an international freight forwarding/logistics company to ensure that your product is safely delivered to your door, anywhere in the world.


All manufacturing is done under stringent quality control. Our Quality Control Lab and team of quality control technicians tests all production runs every 30 minutes. These routine checks include a battery of 9 tests, such as burst, drop, pinhole, seal creep testing and spout/fitment checks. Thorough and consistent testing ensures that we have an almost zero rate of product returns: <0,0002% to be exact.


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VinBag products are proudly made in South Africa. As a company, we are succeeding in offering exceptional products and service, while remaining committed to a key tenet of our mission statement: to uplift our local previously disadvantaged community. Upliftment impacts all our decisions and makes us a forward-thinking company for the New South Africa



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